HANOL Principle



HANOL Principle reflects the Universal Truth.
It is the way of life to "Benefit All in Existence" beyond the boundaries of Nationality, Race, Gender and Religion.


The Principle is not to change others.
It is to change the only thing the one is truly capable of changing: one's own state of mind.


It is not to change your thinking mind but to change the root of your mind: to transform into the formless nature of your mind - Unless you Trans-form, any internal and external changes will eventually encounter conflict and suffering.


The Truth has no form and therefore can take any form.
HANOL teachings transcend the religious form.
It is completely acceptable to participate HANOL-GYO while practicing your own religion.


HANOL Principles demand nothing from you: Neither belief nor conversion.
Its purpose is to guide.
It concerns with how to believe rather than what to believe.
It provides the teachings on belief rather than a belief system.
Believe in Truth: it will guide the way.
Follow your own path and according to your path, we hope you find the quintessence of Life, the way of Life and the Truth of Life, which is to be One with LIFE.



HANOL SPIRIT: Definition of HANOL and NAOL


"Han" means Infinity and Totality: the Korean term for all that exist including the Universe and the Omniverse. The Form and the Formless. The existence and the space in which all the existences can be: the field of infinite possibility, the dimension of the so-called .


"OL" means Spirit, Soul, True nature, Quintessence: the formless essence beyond our form, indwelling soul of every existence, the Omnipotent and the Omniscient Nature of Creation.


"NAOL" means my (NA) true nature with divine potentials.
It refers to the original state of being, the pure consciousness which shares the equivalent nature with HANOL, which we will be awakened into if we extricate ourselves from the Ego consciousness.


Religiously speaking, NAOL is the sacred inner dwelling soul of Atman which is one with Brahman; the Christ consciousness within which is one with the Holy Spirit; the Buddha nature within which is one with the Buddha nature of all that exist: NAOL which is one with HANOL.


"HANOL" means the immutable nature of One and infinite totality: the true nature of Totality - all universal creations of form, and Infinity - formless space of possibility where all possibilities are realized.


Metaphysically speaking, HANOL refers to the omnipotent nature of infinite possibility, the omniscient nature of infinite actualization, the timeless nature of infinity, the forever Now where there is no beginning and no end, and the Benevolent Nature of Creation.


Religiously speaking, HANOL refers to absolute being, the Source, the one and only consciousness of total creation, the true father and mother of all creations: Our Father in Christianity, the Lord of Catholicism, Allah of Islam, the Brahman, the Buddha nature, the Holy Spirit, and the Benevolent Nature of the Omniverse.





The Core of the HANOL Spirit, HANIM's Doctrine


HANIM's doctrine "NAOL is HANOL" means “My spiritual essence is one with the spiritual essence of All existence.”


The statement "NAOL is one with HANOL" emphasizes that NAOL is the "presence" of HANOL.
Thus, Man is the living reality and the presence of a divine creation who can attain the true nature of divinity if he extricates himself from the control and impulse of the Egoic mind: it is to awaken himself from the tamed mind structure which is the root of all forms of suffering, the quagmire of Karma.
It is to recognize our origin, our purpose, our true will; not as the subordinate to the tamed Ego mind in operation, but as the Independent Consciousness of Being with Free Will.


The acknowledgement of the HANOL Spirit opens up the ways in which we can recover our original state of consciousness, NAOL, and to realize the great potential of NAOL, which is one with HANOL.


We regard all founders of religions and awakened beings (Dangun, Buddha, Jesus, Lao-tzu, Confucius, etc.) not as symbols of worship but as teachers of enlightenment and awakening.
We consider religions to be branches of a single root, the formless Truth reflected in various forms.
Thus, we honor all religious teachings based on Truth and respect the founders of religions and the awakened beings.
We also hope to convey the true intention of the founder's teachings and to overcome the suffering of religious separations. Through this we can accomplish true progress and unite and benefit all in the name of Truth.


HANOL Principle provides practical ways to transcend the egoic state of mind and to be awakened.
However, one does not have to believe in HANOL-GYO(HANOLGYO) to be spiritual or religious.
Instead, believe in Truth as it will guide you to the true Spirit.


Follow your own way and your own religion, meditate on the true intention of the God you believe in, and in the will of Absolute Benevolence.


It will guide you the way.
One can learn HANOL Principle at the same time participating other religion.
Even if you don't have a specific religion, let your existence be the presence of Truth and the proof of Benevolence, with or without religion.
Realize the great potential of your true nature: LOVE. FORGIVE. UNDERSTAND. Realizing Benevolence through personal practice is one with the manifestation of infinite possibilities of the First and Total cause, the source of all creation, the Truth.