Founder of 'HANOL'


A Brief History

  • 1965 Established the Foundation of HANOL
  • 1967 Established Jeong-Yil Association Inc
  • 1971 Established <Junghwhasa> publications
  • 1973 President of the National Association of Dangun, the Progenitor of Korea
  • 1978 Founder of the Central Association of HANOL-GYO
  • 1979 Premier Representative of HANOL-GYO Inc
  • 1980 Head of the Research Institute of HANOL Philosophy
  • 1980 Public Proclamation of 'The Declaration of HANOL'
  • 1981 Chairman of the National Committee of the Spiritual Enhancement Organization
  • 1981 President of the Korean Club of International Kendo Federation
  • 1984 Honorary Chairman of the Labor and Agrarian Political Party
  • 1985 Standing member of the Consultant of the National Unification Advisory Council
  • 1987 Member of the founding committee for the Unified Korea Political Party/ Adviser to the Research Institute of the Unified Korea Party
  • 1987 Unified Korea Party 13th Korean Presidential Candidate
  • 1989 Chairman of the Board, Institute of Korean Diplomacy and Defense
  • 1989 President of the Association of Korea Technology and Development
  • 1991 Presenter of the “Political Theory on Peaceful Unification of Korea: the Neo-functional approach" at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Institute of Politics.
  • 1992 Chairman of the Hanon Group
  • 1996 Honorary Consul of Iraq in Korea
  • 1997 Harris Manchester College Foundation Fellow, Oxford University
  • 1997 Unified Korea Party 15th Korean Presidential Candidate
  • 1998 The fifth Chairman of the Korea Wushu Federation
  • [Former] Member of the Korea Olympic Committee (KOC)

Shin Jeong Yil (Dr. Shin), HANIM (1938 - 1999), the founder of HANOL-GYO, tried to convey the HANOL Spirit and its philosophy in various fields of global society including politics, economy, diplomacy, culture and so on.


First of all, HANOL-GYO(HANOLGYO) is a Korean traditional religion with 5,000 years of history, re-established by Shin Jeong Yil. Hanol-gyo shares the same historical foundation with Korea.


HANOL-GYO teaches on Spiritual enlightenment and awakening; it pursues self-liberation of consciousness rather than the traditional ways of religious worship.


HANOL-GYO permits its adherents to practice other religions as well.
We honor and respect all other enlightened beings (Dangun, Buddha, Jesus, Lao-tzu, Confucius, etc.), along with their teachings and their religions; it aims to overcome religious separation and unite under the name of Truth.


The core of his teachings can be understood in terms of HANIM's doctrine.


"NAOL is HANOL" - which means "My true spiritual nature is one with the spiritual nature of Totality"


His teachings provide the profound philosophy on enlightenment and awakening, and the ways in which "individuals can extricate themselves from the direct control of the Ego-mind: the method to transcend the intrinsic impulse of individuals to identify with the tamed mind structure."


When HANOL-GYO was first founded 50 years ago, the society was suffering from the aftermath of the Korean War under the strict Military regime.


It was very hard for such an unconventional religious movement to succeed: the consciousness of society was not ready to accept such a progressive idea of self-liberation of consciousness instead of the traditional way of religious worship.


However, the rise of the HANOL Spiritual movement with 800,000 followers laid a foundation for the official recognition of HANOL-GYO as a legitimate religion by the Korean Government in 1967.
The governmental approval of HANOL-GYO led to a stronger basis and following: HANOL-GYO branches were rapidly established throughout the country and the HANOL-GYO foundation reached 2 million members at its peak.


According to the 『Encyclopedia of Korean Culture』, there were 2 million followers during its heyday. Another survey of the 『Current status of religious groups』 published by the Ministry of Culture and Public Information shows that there were 520,000 followers in 1982, and approximately 410,000 followers in 1997, with 186 branches located throughout the country including the main temples in the major cities of Seoul, Busan and Daegu.





SHIN JEONG YIL, HANIM presented dynamic perspectives of the HANOL Principle and its application in various fields of society, such as politics, economy, culture, diplomacy and so on.


Despite harsh political circumstances of Korea, Shin Jeong Yil formed the Unified Korea political Party. He ran for the Korean Presidency twice, in the 13th Presidency in 1987 and 15th Presidency in 1997, in order to endorse the peaceful Unification of Korea and to enlighten people about the HANOL Spirit.


He proposed the political theory of the ‘ Inter-mediate Unification of Korea, the neo-functional approach of economic detent’, at Havard, John F. Kennedy school Institute of Politics. He insisted upon his ideas to the former US president George Bush and Clinton while they were in their office, and it was his main campaign agenda during his presidential elections. It was partly realized only after his passing, as a Gaeseong Industrial complex and economic corporation between South and North Korea.





As the Founder and Chairman of the HANON Group, he greatly contributed to the national economy and worked to find solutions to the lack of natural resources. In 1994, he acquired the right to develop one of the largest crude oil mines in Iraq and formed a consortium with Samsung, SK and Korea National Oil Development Corporation, where the HANOL Corp. was a Managing Partner and Directing Initiator.



He protested against the war in Iraq and supplied medical aid for the children suffering from the war. As recognition of his humanitarian and diplomatic efforts, he was appointed to the Honorary Consul by both the Iraqi and Korean governments.


Also, Dr. Shin foresaw the opening of China and established a close humanitarian relationship with China ten years before the official diplomatic relationship was developed: he opened the Jeong Yil computer center at Beijing Central University for Nationalities and the Monumental Gate on Baekdu (Jang Baek) Mountain was named after him as a symbol of his effort and diplomatic contributions.





Even though at times Dr. Shin's true intentions were not recognized and the significance of his endeavors were underestimated, he tried extremely hard to demonstrate that the HANOL Principle can be applied in all sectors of society including politics, economy, diplomacy, culture and other areas.


In 1998, Shin Jeong Yil finalized the elaboration of the Transcendental philosophy of HANOL principle and published the Hanol Scriptures, the sacred compilation of 36 books containing the profound teachings on the Truth and its applications on philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, science, economics, politics, society, nature, culture and religion.


Shin Jeong Yil, HANIM, passed away in 1999. Unprecedented number of sari (sacred crystals found among the cremated remains of enlightened monks and Buddha) were recovered and witnessed by many people including clerics and monks of other religions. HANOLGYO has been exhibiting the sari at the Commemoration Ceremonies of the Founder.


HANOL-GYO has transformed and developed in many ways since its re-establishment and the governmental recognition that occurred a half century ago. Yet the core of the Founder HANIM's spirit still shines through its transformation and evolution.





Declaration of HANOL spirit


Dear Fellow Race of Humanity!

It is now the time for us to enlighten our field of consciousness.
We, ourselves, must awaken our spirit, our soul.

Dear Humanity!

We must revolutionize our field of consciousness.
Regard the Awakened Beings, not just as symbols of worship, but as the signs of transcendence.
Walk through the right path to find your true self and awaken your true nature to confront every being as a sacred being.
Awake from the delusion of the egoic mind and face the world with enlightened consciousness.
It is now the time to understand the essence of existence and face the Universal Truth.
Discover the Source of all existence and based on that foundation, recognize the true power that can overcome all forms of suffering.

Dear Humanity!

When we accomplish intellectual transcendence by enlightening our field of consciousness and unite in the name of Truth, we will spread the HANOL Spirit to all our fellow humanity.
We must end the indefinite human suffering caused by egoic separations and reach the point of unification, the true progress.

Dear Humanity!

My Body may not be with you until then.
Nevertheless, remember this statement of the HANOL spirit: "Be the beginning of the promise that the time is here."

April 1999
Final statement
by Shin Jeong Yil, the Founder of the HANOL Spirit